About Us

clearing-timberWith over 30 years of experience in the Biomass heating sector as Individuals we have pioneered Biomass district heating in Ireland with the installation of the first Fröling wood chip boiler on the island in 1998. Since then we are involved in the planning, installation and commissioning of wood-chip boiler systems and all associated processes.

Wood Biomass Solutions
“From forest to high quality wood fuel to clean energy”
is the focus of R&S Biomass Equipment Ltd.

R&S Biomass Equipment was formed in 2006 initially as a partnership. Since 2009 we are trading as R&S Biomass Equipment Ltd.
The Starchl wood-chipper Agency for the UK and Ireland was taken on as well as the Dorn-tech Agency for; cranes, forest trailers, winches, log splitters, grabs, rotators, forestry equipment and accessories. The Fliegl agency for the Gigant push off trailer followed.
We are the agents for Urbas in the UK and Ireland. Urbas manufacture and supply turn key packages for large scale Biomass boilers of the highest standard for the production of hot water, steam and electricity (CHP).
The Fröling Agency for Ireland north and south was formally taken on in march 2010.

We carry out all services for Fröling wood boilers in house and offer a value for money service package to guarantee smooth trouble free operation of the equipment

A Sustainable Approach

R&S Biomass Equipment Ltd provides complete solutions towards a sustainable energy approach we help people develop their business potential in a sustainable way

Using a natural material such as wood for our energy needs helps address some of our global challenges.

“think global act local”

By encouraging the management and planting of trees localised economies are developed, helping people to become less dependent on diminishing energy sources.

We are aiming towards a future that addresses the challenges of diminishing oil, gas supplies and climate change by helping to create local solutions that can lead in to the future.