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Fröling S3 & S4 Turbo Log Firewood Boilers (15-60kW)

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Froling has been working with environmentally friendly, CO2-neutral heat from wood for almost 5 decades. Much of the currently accepted technology originated with us. Our experienced engineers have set themselves high targets for the S4 Turbo firewood boiler, and they have implemented them:

  • Optimal combustion for emissions and efficiency
  • Robust combustion chamber with long service life
  • Expanded automatic functions (e.g. automatic heat up)
  • User-friendly cleaning and ash removal
  • Modular control technology with bus system
Froling S4 Log / Firewood Boiler


A Design With Unique Benifits

Froling S4 Log / Firewood Boiler section view

1) Top quality heat insulation.

2) Generous cleaning openings for easy cleaning from the front.

3) New bus control design with Lambdatronic S 3200 micro-processor control.

4) Carbonisation gas extraction system for “smoke-free” reloading.

5) Hot cladding for efficient combustion without a build-up of tar.

6) Large fuel loading chamber for pieces of wood up to half a metre in length enables long reloading intervals.

7) Automatic heat up with special air ducts for fast heat up (optional: automatic ignition device).

8) New combustion chamber shape for the lowest emissions through a long combustion zone.

Unique automatic heat up


Unique automatic heat up



• Load the boiler, light the fuel, close the door and that’s it.
• No smoke is produced in the boiler room.
• Automatic ignition device (optional)

If you like ease of operation, you will love the automatic
ignition device. Heating with firewood can be so easy!

Froling s4 log boiler - Special carbonisation gas extraction


Special carbonisation gas extraction



• No smoke escapes during reloading.
• The boiler room stays clean

Froling s4 log wood boiler - Serial efficiency optimisation system (WOS)


Serial efficiency optimisation system (WOS)



• High efficiency
• Easy cleaning from outside
• Low energy consumption


For Technical Specifications and Further Information:

Download S4 Turbo PDF Brochure

Download S3 Turbo PDF Brochure

Video - Froling S4 - How It Works

-Select Boiler-
  Fuel: Chip/Pellet
  kW Range: 24-110
Froling turbomatic wood chip and wood pellet boiler
P4 Pellet
  Fuel: Pellet
  kW Range: 8-100
Froling P4 Wood Pellet Boiler
S3 & S4 Turbo
  Fuel: Log Wood
  kW Range: 15-60
Froling S3 & S4 Log / Firewood Boiler
  Fuel: Chip/Pellet
  kW Range: 150-250
Froling S3 & S4 Log / Firewood Boiler
  Fuel: Chip/Pellet
  kW Range: 150-500
Froling Turbomat industrial size wood chip and wood pellet boiler
  Fuel: Woodchip
  kW Range: 150-1000
Froling Lambdmat Wood Chip Boiler 150 - 1000 kW
PDF Downloads
Froling s4 turbo Log / Firewood Boiler - PDF Brochure Download
Froling s3 turbo Log / Firewood Boiler - PDF Brochure Download
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Case study pdf icon Froling S4 Log wood boiler
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