Fröling Lambdamat Wood Chip Boiler (150-1000kW)


Wood Chip Boiler

LAMBDAMAT2The Lambdamat offers robust pioneering wood heating technology to meet the highest of demands. Technology that has been proven over decades throughout europe and is pioneering wood biomass district heating in Ireland since 1998

Unique ground braking innovations which time and time again have gone into further development of this product have made the Lambdamat wood chip boiler the choice for many medium to large scale installations.

State-of-the-art conveyor grate technology takes care of automatic grate cleaning and ash removal.

The Lambdamat wood chip boiler ensures value for money proven technology and  maintenance-free operation.

With up to 90% efficiency the Lambdamat wood chip boiler has a high-temperature vortex chamber which is constructed of 4 shells, thereby achieving highest possible efficiency and thecleanest possible combustion.


A Concept catches on…

  1. lambdamat interiorMulti-way heat exchanger
  2. 4-shell retort construction
  3. Moving feed grate with primary air intake
  4. Ash removal screw conveyor and ash container
  5. Secondary air inlets
  6. High-temperature resistant fireclay retort






For Technical Specifications and Further Information: Download PDF Brochure

  • P1 Pellet Boiler

    Fuel: Pellet
    kW Range: 7 to 20 kW

  • SP Dual Wood/Pellet

    Fuel: Firewood/Pellet
    kW Range: 15 to 40 kW

  • T4 Woodchip/Pellet

    Fuel: Chip/Pellet
    kW Range: 24-110

  • P4 Pellet

    Fuel: Pellet
    kW Range 8-100

  • S1, S3 & S4 Log Wood Boiler

    Fuel: Log Wood
    kW Range: 15-60

  • TX Chip/Pellet

    Fuel: Chip/Pellet
    kW Range: 150-250

  • Turbomat Chip/Pellet

    Fuel: Chip/Pellet
    kW Range: 150-500

  • Lambdamat Woodchip

    Fuel: Woodchip
    kW Range: 150-1000