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urbas factoryUrbas was founded in 1929 as a family owned company based in the Carinthia Region of lower Austria. Urbas is highly regarded as a market leader in the development and manufacturing of tailored biomass boiler plants, URBAS provide turnkey solutions for:

urbas CHP plant ybbs350 staff plan, manufacture, install and maintain biomass plant that anticipate the future.

Most components of an Urbas plant are designed and constructed “in house” with the utmost care and precision, guaranteeing high quality components and that every detail is matched perfectly to your specific requirements. Spare parts and time commitments are not so dependant on third party deliveries.

The Company draws its strength from two sources: the tradition of skilled workmanship and constantly developping innovative technologies.

Utilising Wood Biomass as a Fuel

rs-biomass-vision“Wood biomass is a sustainable carbon neutral material which is readily available in most parts of the UK and Ireland.
For energy purposes the lowest value timber finds good use through the production of green sustainable energy.”

“In the UK and Ireland we have a smaller percentage of forested area compared to many other European countries but timber is faster growing therefore often of lower quality leaving more residues which are ideally suited for energy production.”

The Urbas boiler is designed to facilitate optimised combustion of low quality wood residues, with its carefully engineered design the “green boiler” utilizes wood residues such as; Bark, butt chip, Woodchip, Wood Shavings and Sawdust with moisture content levels up to 65%.

The hydraulic fuel feed system is designed to handle very coarse material even larger random pieces up to 1000 mm in length allowing wood co products such as bark, butt chip, coarse wood chip etc. to be utilised directly from the production line cutting down the need for wood chipping or shredding equipment. The step grate design pre dries the material for optimum combustion.

URBAS boilers are used in over 50% of the 30 largest central european sawmills utilising sawmill co products and turning these in to usefull biomass energy. The heat is typically used for drying in kilns etc. Adding value to the existing product range.

Leading pharmaceutical companies have invested in a range of URBAS wood biomass energy solutions.

UK / Ireland investors can greatly benefit from the Urbas experience across europe. Investment models are in place with on the ground references.

URBAS have designed and built a 1 MW district heating system with 3.2 km of pipe near Belfast in Northern Ireland. Customers are welcome to arrange a visit.

Urbas High Tec Plant are also remotely monitored, adjusted and controlled via specially designed computer software.

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