Fröling Wood Boilers

  • P1 Pellet Boiler

    Fuel: Pellet
    kW Range: 7 to 20 kW

  • SP Dual Wood/Pellet

    Fuel: Firewood/Pellet
    kW Range: 15 to 40 kW

  • T4 Woodchip/Pellet

    Fuel: Chip/Pellet
    kW Range: 24-110

  • P4 Pellet

    Fuel: Pellet
    kW Range 8-100

  • S1, S3 & S4 Log Wood Boiler

    Fuel: Log Wood
    kW Range: 15-60

  • TX Chip/Pellet

    Fuel: Chip/Pellet
    kW Range: 150-250

  • Turbomat Chip/Pellet

    Fuel: Chip/Pellet
    kW Range: 150-500

  • Lambdamat Woodchip

    Fuel: Woodchip
    kW Range: 150-1000


froling_factoryRight from the beginning in 1961 Fröling have specialised in the efficient use of wood as an energy source. Today the name stands for modern biomass heating technologies.

The firewood, wood chip and pellet boilers ranging from small domestic to industrial scale are successfully used across many European countries and further afield.

All products are produced in house with modern high tec factories based in Austria and Germany

State of the art production facilities guarantee quality in to the smallest detail.

Fröling In Ireland …

As the main agents of Froling we have installed over 800 boilers in Ireland ranging from small domestic to large commercial and agricultural installations and with a combined capacity in excess of 90 Megawatts.

Fröling was the first to successfully install hi tec wood biomass boilers in Ireland with a Lambdamat 320 Industrial installed at Camphill Community Clanabogan County Tyrone in 1998-99.

Due to its highest quality standards, top efficiency, ease of operation and attractive design features a Fröling boiler is a sound investment for people who care for the environment and appreciate high tec top of the range quality.

The Fröling Road to Success …

1961 The Fröling company is founded. Around 10 staff members produce the first boiler
1982 Fröling introduces the first waste wood heating system featuring high temperature combustion
1988 The FHG Turbo Firewood Boiler marks a new era in the economical and efficient use of wood for heating.
1991 Fröling introduces the first waste wood fired furnace with Lambda technology and wins an innovation award
1993 National prize from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
1996 Innovation Award at the energy conservation fair in Wels
1999 Federal Minister Fahrnleitner awards Fröling the Austrian state seal
2001 Innovation Award from the Federal Ministry for the P2 pellet boiler
2004 Innovation Award from the Federal Ministry for the Turbomat waste wood and pellet fired furnace
2004 Upper Austria Energy Globe Award
2006 Froling was awarded best family enterprise in Upper Austria
2008 Froling received the Austrian ecolabel for 26 products
2009 Froling received the environmental label ‘Blue Angel’ for the pellet boiler P4
2010 Froling was awarded the Upper Austrian business award ‘Pegasus’
Today Fröling employs around 500 people and enjoys success throughout Europe, exporting its firewood, wood chip and pellet fired boilers at a rate of over 70 % of production.