Urbas District Heating

Urbas provide turn key district heating systems for the UK and Ireland in conjunction with their plants. With district heating applied to an Urbas Biomass plant, a much more efficient and environmentally friendly system is created.

The Benefits of District Heating

district heatingDistrict heating (DH) provided by a central heating system offers a number of short- and long-term economic and technical advantages by eliminating or greatly reducing many of the operating, maintenance and capital costs associated with boilers in individual buildings. It also reduces the fire risk to the buildings and the risk of pollution to air soil and water

The cost of installing a single heating unit is likely to be considerably cheaper than installing multiple small units in individual dwellings, even allowing for the installation of a heat exchanger and related piping and valves connecting the network.
With district energy a single unit requires on-site maintenance and thus contributes to lower annual maintenance contracts than multiple units.

Having one unit operating at peak efficiency, means less waste and less CO2 and other pollutants. Having the option for alternative fuels reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and thus becomes CO2 neutral.


Typical features of a Wood-chip Fired District Heating System

District heating systems can supply groups of houses and other properties with their heating, hot water and cooling requirements via an underground pipe network
Wood fired schemes are environmentally friendly and sustainable, with reduced emissions of air pollutants and a long-term sustainable fuel supply that does not deplete natural resources

District heating schemes that link to sustainable forestry and wood chipping operations also provide a source of local employment.


Which locations are suitable for wood-chip fired district heating?

Areas which currently rely on fossil fuels for heating dwellings and municipal buildings, because a mixture of types of building helps to create an even heat load throughout the day
Areas which have access to a supply of wood, e.g. sites near local forests and managed woodlands

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