Urbas Wood Gasification CHP Unit

gas-containerThe Wood Gasification System evolved from the rediscovery of an old technology which has been developed into a marketable, reliable high-Tec product.Systems and technology developed by Urbas make it possible to produce electricity and heat at a very impressive efficiency and low cost from a containerised unit using specific dry wood.



1 Kg Wood = 1 kWh Electricity + 2 kWh Thermal

Overall system outputs are 150Kwh or Electrical and 300Kwh Thermal Energy per hour


How it Works

wood-gasfierThrough a thermochemical process within a reactor, wood is transformed into a combustible gas. Dust particles that are contained in the raw gas are separated in filters; the refined wood gas then drives a gas motor with a generator. Through the cooling process of the engine valuable thermal energy is produced.



gas-fuelThe wood gasification system requires a very specific fuel type. Clean factory or industrial off cuts with no fines and a moisture content of less than 10%.

  • District Heating

  • Wood Gasifier CHP

  • Biomass CHP

  • Biomass Boiler Plant