P1 Pellet Boiler


P1PelletOccupying just 0.38 m² of space, the P1 Pellet boiler sets new standards. The new P1 Pellet stands out for ists quiet operation and ease of use, combined with low emissions and very low energy consumption.

The compact solution for the boiler room

A unique disign: the new P1 Pellet is also available with optional DHW tank unit for hot water preparation and a hydraulic unit with heating circuit pumps, heating circuit mixer and DHW tank loading pumps. These two modules can be retrofitted at any time making the P1 Pellet the compact all-round solution for the boiler room.


p1 modulare bauweiseModular design

  • Compact
  • DHW tank unit and hydraulic unit can be retrofitted at any time


p1 boilereinheit hpOptional DHW tank unit

  • Optimal hot water preparation
  • Can be retrofitted at any time


p1 saugzuggeblseSpeed-controlled induced draught fan and lambda control with broadband probe

  • Maximum ease of use
  • Constant optimisation of combustion


p1 pelletbrenner mit schieberostPellet burner with automatic sliding grate and chimney cut-off

  • High efficiency
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Long lifespan


p1 pellet schiebersystem webDouble protection system

  • The highest possible operating safety
  • Maximum burn back protection


p1 pellet durchdachter antriebIntelligent drive concept

  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • P1 Pellet Boiler

    Fuel: Pellet
    kW Range: 7 to 20 kW

  • SP Dual Wood/Pellet

    Fuel: Firewood/Pellet
    kW Range: 15 to 40 kW

  • T4 Woodchip/Pellet

    Fuel: Chip/Pellet
    kW Range: 24-110

  • P4 Pellet

    Fuel: Pellet
    kW Range 8-100

  • S1, S3 & S4 Log Wood Boiler

    Fuel: Log Wood
    kW Range: 15-60

  • TX Chip/Pellet

    Fuel: Chip/Pellet
    kW Range: 150-250

  • Turbomat Chip/Pellet

    Fuel: Chip/Pellet
    kW Range: 150-500

  • Lambdamat Woodchip

    Fuel: Woodchip
    kW Range: 150-1000